Thursday, August 23, 2018

Ray Osborne's Collection of Writings

The real treasure of any community is its heritage and history. Cape Canaveral is rich with tales and stories that include all kinds of treasure" from Chapter One, "Treasure of the Cape."

There is something for everyone in this book ," said author Ray Osborne.

The images of familiar faces of celebrities and VIPs will jog the memory of the boomer and senior generations. Subjects include visitors and settlers from the 16th through to the 21st century, there are explorers from sailors in wooden sailing ships to astronauts aboard thunderous rockets. Included are images of people who lived their dreams at Cape Canaveral. The captions in this book are stories in themselves, that range in topics that include but not limited to naval battles, maritime history, pioneers, lighthouse keepers, 1715 treasure, businessmen, celebrities and developers. Captions were well researched and written to entertain the reader for hours.

Book includes a comprehensive keyword index to find your favorite subjects.
Index page leading to historic pictures include:Spiro Agnew, Ais, Ays Indians, Alliance,Alligators ,Archeology, Area 39,Artesia, Capt John Barry Barry,RB Brossier, Jimmy Carter, Wyatt Chandler ,Corvette, Walter Cronkite, Major General Davis, Dr. Kurt Debus, Roger Dobson ,Elizabeth Eberwein , Dwight Eisenhower,Folklore, John Glenn, Hugh Downs, Hubert Humphrey, Ink Spots,Johnson Lyndon Baines, July 4, John F, Kennedy Jr. John, Kennedy Space Center, Sam, Knutson , Maps, Menendez Pedro, Mexia Alvaro, Motorcycle, North America Aviation, Oral histories, Pan Am Worldwide Services,Patriots Day, Peafowl Gregory Peck , Pirate John Hawkins, Ponce de Leon, Prince Phillip, Range Control Center, Replicas, Spanish Treasure, Spock Benjamin, Solar Research, Sykes Francis, Ann Thurm UFO, Today Show, Dr. Wernher Braun, Augustine connections.

Author is happy to sign book for customers.